Understanding the Need for Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Whether it is auto insurance, homeowners insurance, medical insurance, or even life insurance, understanding what type and how much insurance you need, is important. Let’s face it; insurance planning should be apart of your financial plan. In regards to auto insurance, knowing the kind of auto insurance you need will help you save money. Looking at the age of your car, you can decide if you need full coverage or liability. Also, when it comes to auto insurance, you should have a clear understanding of what is best for you when it comes to how much you are willing to pay for your deductible. Paying a higher deductible will lower the amount of your premium payments. Having auto insurance is no

Paying the Cost

(Photo courtesy of You have to pay the cost to be the boss. We’ve all heard this term once or twice before in our lifetime. Paying the cost to be the boss is a statement used to reflect the demands of responsibility. If you are serving in a leadership position, you are responsible for the overall success of those things that you have been assigned to do. Whether your leadership position is that of a parent, business owner or even an employee, everyone has financial responsibilities. When it comes to paying for things that you want or need, it is you who makes that final decision. Prices are continually increasing, yet this may not be the case when it comes to your i

Protecting Your Biggest Asset: You and Your Identity

As consumers, we must be proactive in protecting ourselves against fraud and other types of illegal actions. There are many predators preying on the opportunity to obtain your personal information in order to commit fraud. Protecting your identity and your personal information is extremely important. If your information gets into the wrong hands, it can affect your financial growth for many years. Incorrect information appearing on your credit report can possibly prevent you from obtaining a job that you applied for or impact your ability to obtain a loan. Focus on not only protecting yourself, but also protecting your loved ones, like your elderly parents and other seniors in your family


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