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Fighting Courage”

Fighting Courage”

There are many people today who are not reaching for their highest potential simply because they refuse to look inside of themselves and strengthen their vessels. You must have the courage and the will within you to run a strong race in this life. Living every day to its fullest. We must not take the time that we have on this earth for granted.

There are reasons why you may not be moving into the greatness that you were created to be in. These includes the following:

  • You are facing oppositions.

  • Procrastination may hold you back from achieving your dreams.

  • You may have some unforeseen weakness that you are not aware of

  • You are dealing with certain fears in your life.

My suggestion to you is to write these things down and make yourself a plan to overcome these obstacles in your life. By doing this, you are facing your situation and setting your plan to overcome them so that you can move forward.

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