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  • Author - Angela Underwood

Understanding Potential

Let's start with the question.... What is potential? Potential can be defined as unrealized ability. But what is it that determines the abilities of an object? Is it determined by the person who created it? That is the creator or the manufacturer. A car for example has potential as the manufacturer of the automobile placed certain limits within that vehicle. The number on the odometer that tells you how fast the car can go or even the number of radio stations that appears on the dial was all determined by the manufacturer. What I really want to focus on here is the potential of a human being. Do you really know what your potentials are? Do you base your potontial on what society tells you? I believe that we can never know our full and complete potential. I truly believe that there is so much potential in every human being that we can never reach the limit of what we are capable of achieving. There is a tone of greatness in each and every human creature upon this great earth. If you have achieved a goal in your life, then this only places you in the position to move on to your next goal or to the next level. To quote the great Dr. Myles Munroe, "If what you have done did not kill you, then you have more left".

Early in my childhood, I was sent to a speech therapist. I recall my therapist one day asking me to pronounce a very simple word. Well, let me share with you that the word she asked me to pronounce did not come out of my mouth correctly and I recall being asked to say that word again in the presence of other teachers. As I was marched to different classrooms in the school.

Many of you may have had similar experiences or something traumatic that occurred to you as a child. But this is not an excuse to limit yourself in any area. Regardless of what occurred, you can continue to developer and become great in that area. I did not allow my situation with my speech therapist to stop me from wanting to do better for myself. As I look at my journey today, I am now a public speaker and I have been asked to speak at many venues. I have also appeared on various television shows and on the radio as well as other podcasts. You must never allow any individual or situation to prevent you from growing in your potential. It is a process. To do this, you have to make a commitment to work hard on yourself. Remember, there are no limits!

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